I enjoy working out in my home gym, especially when my stepson Daniel joins me. I always find that he brings the best out of me. And maybe a touch of the worst too, but in a good way. It’s not often that we are home alone, so I try to make our time together as valuable as possible. One day, Daniel came into my workout room while my wife was at work, picked up a dumbbell, and started to do some curls alongside me. As soon as he got close, my dick started to get hard. He may have caught a glimpse of me adjusting myself. Then we moved to the abs area, and I started doing crunches. That’s when I saw his hard cock, and he saw mine. The two of us sucked, licked, and fucked on the bench and floor until it was time for my boy to show daddy his load. I squirted my seed all over his used hole. I told him we should work out together more often. He agreed.

Featuring:  Daniel S
Release Date: 08/27/2021
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