Very Good Boy

A very good boy is what every dad wants. One that knows everything daddy does is for the love of his boy, even if that means you have to put them over your knees and give their butts a spanking. The other side is when you provide the love with the guidance they need. Maybe they need a helping hand to let their guard down and release some youthful stress. For this reason, we bring you Victor Wilson, Mark Troy, John Barber, Robbie Dane, Eric Lenn, Jamie Kelvin, Den Fitness, Tom Heart, Dan Digiron, Alex Blade. A hot selection of Dads and sexy good boys. Watch as these youngsters put as much daddy dick in their mouths as will fit before Dad flips them over and gives them the best fuck of their young lives.
Featuring:  Alex B, Dan Digiron
Release Date: 09/30/2022