The Right Tool

I love it when my stepson, Mark, comes and helps his dear old dad. It makes me feel good that he still wants to learn a thing or two. So while I was under the sink, Mark asked if I needed a hand. Then his hand found its way to my dick. After groping on it, he pulled it out and sucked. It’s been a long time since I taught my boy how to worship my dick, and he hasn’t forgotten. We eventually made our way to the living room, where we got undressed, and I started sucking on his cock, before bending him over the couch. I knew he wanted my dick inside his tight little hole. I took it slow, but then we got back into the groove. My boy took my dick like a professional fucker, and made me even harder. I fucked his ass until we both came. What a good boy.
Featuring:  Mark, Victor Wilson
Release Date: 06/03/2022