Eric Lenn and Tristan Webber

All young boys are self-conscious about their looks, especially things they can't change. I walked in on my boytoy, Tristan, stuffing his undies with socks. I guess he wanted his package to look more like daddy's. He was shocked when I told him to take them out and that he didn't need them. His package was great the way it was. Better than that. I reached down and groped his crotch. We kissed and moved to the bed, where I removed his briefs and took his beautiful uncut dick into my mouth. I loved feeling him get hard in my mouth. Then it was time for big daddy to come to life. Tristan loves sucking my dick, and I love giving it to him. I flipped him on his knees and slowly fed his hole until our balls slapped, and I was pounding his ass.
Featuring:  Eric Lenn, Tristan
Release Date: 02/24/2023

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