Spy On Daddy

It's not every day you watch your stepdad in the shower, but today was mine. It was a long day of travel, and I was exhausted. I quickly fell asleep, but the sound of running water woke me up. I looked around and noticed my stepdad, Cris, wasn’t there. Now was my time to see his big cock again. I thought I was being careful, but he came out and told me he saw me. I denied it. My punishment was to suck on his big cock and then take it up my ass. I tried sucking it, but it was too thick for my mouth. That's when he started sucking on mine. He's a much better cock sucker than I am. He also ate my hole, which felt great, before slipping his big dick inside me and fucking my ass until I exploded all over myself. Then I stroked his load out of his tool as he straddled me.
Featuring:  Cris Denny, Timmy C
Release Date: 09/09/2022