Show Me How Its Done

Not a day goes by that I don’t want to spend a little quality time with my stepson, Darren, especially after he’s been doing so good this year. I sat in the living room, reading a book, while he shot pool. I could hear that he wasn’t doing well, but, to no surprise, he asked me for some help. Being the caring dad I am, I jumped up to help him. But watching him bent over the pool table holding that cue stick got me excited. I moved behind him, and my dick started getting hard. I started touching on his belly and crotch, which is the signal that daddy wants more from his boy. Darren responded the way he should as we kissed and stripped down before Darren took my cock in his mouth. It felt so good. I returned the favor before I slid my cock in his hungry ass. It felt so warm and inviting. We fucked on the couch until we both shot our loads. Not a bad Saturday afternoon.
Featuring:  Alex Axel, Darren
Release Date: 03/25/2022