Patience Boy

I train my boys so well. They know their place in my life, and none knows his place better than my main boy, my stepson, Adam. I met his mom at a mall but noticed him right away. Now, here he is on his knees sucking dad’s cock while I read the paper. But I know what he so badly wants. He wants daddy to sit back on the couch while I look into his eyes. Then I’ll stand up and feed him my dick while holding his neck. When my cock is rock hard, I’ll get him off his knees and bend him over the couch. His hole needs some love from his daddy, and I need to feel his warm insides. We’ll fuck all over the couch until I’m ready to spray my load on his pretty face and then leave him to finish himself off. Because I know what my boy wants.
Featuring:  Adam K, Dan Digiron
Release Date: 02/11/2022