Luke Geer and Curtis Cameron

In a sketchy part of town, where hundreds, if not thousands, of men, have been for anonymous hook-ups, there is an overpass. Curtis Cameron has heard of this place and horny as fuck, in need of getting off, he goes there with the hope of finding someone. He knows the stakes are high. Anything can happen, both good and bad. But the thrill of danger, the excitement of getting caught is what pushes him onward. The moment he arrives, Curtis smells the sex. He feels the energy and whips out a big, uncut cock. As he jerks off, Luke Geer appears. Luke, also on the prowl, immediately starts sucking Curtis. The twink returns the favor then bends over so Luke can fuck him raw, out in the open, away from prying eyes but close enough to everything that's happening just a few feet away.
Featuring:  Curtis, Luke G
Release Date: 01/24/2022