Let Daddy Help

My stepson, Robbie, was scrolling on his phone the other day while I was sitting in the living room. I don't usually care about what he is doing on his phone, but he happened to be scrolling through a porn site. That wasn't really what caught my eye. It was him groping and stroking his erect penis through his jeans. I couldn't just sit there while my boy's hard cock was craving some attention. I got off the couch, moved behind Robbie, put my hand on his shoulder, and moved it down towards his dick. I then started stroking it for him, which he liked. We went back to the couch, and he put his mouth on daddy's dick. I've trained my boy well when taking care of daddy. He doesn't disappoint, and that day was no different. He took my cock up his hole until I finished with it. That's my boy.
Featuring:  John Barber, Robbie
Release Date: 05/13/2022