You know that boy you kept hearing about at school a while back? The boy some of the guys quietly spoke of in the locker room? Rumor had it he was a natural and sucked cock better than any girl. Supposedly, you didn't even need to coax the boy. All you had to do was flash him your junk, and you were good to go. Better still? He swallowed. AND he'd take you down to the balls. You don't even have to be gay, the boys all said. Just close your eyes, and the boy would do the rest. Only now, he's totes busy, and you have to make an appointment. It's not just jocks he's sucking off now. Oh, no. He's sucking off some of the teachers, fathers of fellow students, and even some on the janitorial staff. Now, you know boys and their locker trash talk. But you're horny, and you're tired of your hand. Your damn girlfriend won't put out, let alone suck your cock unless you meet her parents first. You desperately need to unload. So you ask about this kid. And some insensitive asshole tells you the unfiltered truth. The boy the other jocks have been talking about is your stepbrother! When Justin Cross found out about his, he sat on the secret for a while, but eventually, Justin needed some of what everyone else was getting. Yeah, some might think it's perverse. And, yeah, you'll have to keep it a secret from your parents, but he's YOUR goddamn baby bro, and you have to watch out for him. If Chris is going to keep getting dick from anyone, it should be Justin's!

Featuring:  Chris, Justin C
Release Date: 06/29/2020