John Barber and AJ Baxter

For a dad like John Barber, there is no room for disrespect, especially from your boy. Anything but the best comes with circumstances. A lesson sexy twink AJ Baxter learned firsthand. Aj walked in while his daddy, John, relaxed in the living room to tell him that he was going out and that John couldn't stop him. He needed to be taught a lesson. John grabbed AJ by the ear and put him over his lap for a spanking, but the real lesson was coming up as AJ moved to his knees. John must have trained his boytoy well because he was soon enjoying a great blowjob from AJ. But that was just the start. After showing his boytoy's cock some attention, he went to what he wanted most which was AJ's tight hole. Fucking his boytoy is always a good time and it showed as John's cum covered his boytoy's face.
Featuring:  AJ, John Barber
Release Date: 06/20/2024

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