I love the relationship that my stepson, Noah, and I have. We share many of his growing pains and are very open with each other, which his mom likes. Maybe a little too open. I caught Noah watching porn and groping himself in the living room the other day. Well, not so much 'caught' him as him acting as if I wasn’t even in the room. I walked behind him, grabbed his attention, and then joined him on the couch. I put his hand on my hard cock, and then we kissed. I knew what I had in mind would be better than any porn he could watch. It didn’t take long before my dick was filling his tiny mouth. I’ve spent years training my boy to suck my cock how I like it as I sit back and enjoy, something his mom still doesn't do nearly well enough. But I’m also a very giving stepdad and sucked his dick too before bending him over, sliding my cock in his ass, and doing what daddy does best, which is fucking my boy's ass till we both cum. Who needs porn when you have the real thing.

Featuring:  Noah B
Release Date: 09/03/2021
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