Raising a good boy is all about teaching them lessons. The things you educate them on now will carry on with them throughout their lives. Teach a young boy how to play the piano, and he might be the next Mozart. Teach them to explore and wonder about the world, and he might be the next great adventurer. But sometimes raising a good boy is as simple as just being there to help them with their homework, show them how to work the grill, or run them a bath after falling off their bike. Giving them a helping hand and then follow that with a helpful mouth. Or being right there when they need you to hold their legs up as you feed them your daddy dick while they stroke and shoot all over themselves. Any way you do it, being helpful is very important to the development of your boy. Let Alex, Isaac, Martin, Richard, Chris, Curtis, Pavel, and Jack show you how it's done.

Release Date: 11/13/2020
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