Hearing "how do I look daddy", is like getting keys to the castle for some stepdads. When a boy looks good for daddy, it shows, and a good daddy takes note of all the small changes, especially if he buys something nice like a pair of sexy undies or a cute tracksuit. Could be something adorable like furry tiger pajamas that gets daddy's attention and gets his dick hard. And that is what Jacob Dolce, Richard Hicks, Roman Capellini, and Kieran Karlsson want from David Lee, Eric Lenn, and Martin Dajnar. Some attention, mostly on their tight boy holes. And these stepdads do that plus more to please their boys. After these sexy stepdads play with their boy's dicks, sucking and touching, the boys get to work on their daddy's big cocks. Taking as much of it as they can before daddy turns them over and gives them just what they want and what daddy needs, his boy's tight hole wrapped around his cock. There's nothing like a boy taking care of his daddy and a good boy feeling daddy's love spilling out all over his smooth young body as it mixes with his own cum.

Release Date: 01/08/2021
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