Fresh For Daddy

I love a fresh shower after a long day of work. I love it even more that my stepson, Tyler, feels comfortable enough to walk in on me while I’m in there stroking my dick. He knows what daddy likes and what daddy needs. So when he came in to brush his teeth, he saw me stroking my cock. Tyler knew to get right on his knees and put it in his mouth. That was only the beginning. We left the bathroom and settled on the bed, where he continued to service daddy. I got him undressed and kept feeding him my cock until it was time for me to give his dick a taste. But I wanted more, and so did Tyler. I fucked his tight ass and made sure he remembered to whom his hole belongs. We fucked hard until I fed him my load, and he came on his stomach. Time for another shower.
Featuring:  Max Bourne, Tyler S
Release Date: 02/25/2022