Enjoy The Ride

I like that my boy thinks about his fitness. I saw my stepson, Gregor, trying to figure out how to program the stationary bike, so I went over and helped him. Watching his sexy body on that bike made me think about how his hole would feel on my dick, so I reached down and started playing with his meat to get things started. Gregor helped me remove my shirt and started sucking on my nipples. It felt good, but I wanted more. I picked him up, took him to the bed, got him naked, and started sucking his dick while cupping his balls. Then it was his turn to get a taste of my dick, and he knew just what to do, which surprised me. I didn’t know if he could take it all, but I ate his hole and slid my dick inside. His hole sucked up my cock, and I fucked him until we both shot our loads.
Featuring:  Cris Denny, Gregor
Release Date: 09/23/2022