A good boy knows how to please a daddy. He knows just what to say and do to get dad's attention and affection. An even better boy knows how daddy likes his cock sucked, his balls licked, his chest and lips kissed. He knows what position daddy likes, how daddy wants his hole to taste, what gets daddy excited. A great boy knows how to slide down on his dad's big cock and how to squeeze his ass to help daddy cum. He listens and learns what turns daddy on and has no problem doing it. No matter if it is their first time fucking or just another day, a great boy does what brings daddy pleasure, knowing that a good daddy will do the same. And that just what you get on this Best of 2020 compilation from Bring Me A Boy. Watch David Lee, Gregor Gilead, Dave London, Oliver Morgenson, Alex Axel, Maksym King, John Barber, Lucian Fair, Martin Dajnar, Kieran Karlsson, Zack Hood and Curtis Cameron bring out the best in each other. Over and over and over again.

Featuring:  Curtis
Release Date: 03/05/2021
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