Vincent Stone and Gregor Gilead

I love that my stepson, Gregor, is ready to start dating. He’s been single for a long time, and I know he wants a companion to do things with. So when he asked me to take pics of him, I agreed immediately. He started posing as I clicked. Then he started getting undressed, which made me hard. It’s been a while since we had any alone time, and when we do, he knows just what daddy likes. I pulled my pants down and made him touch my cock, which is now trying to push through my underwear, before sucking on it. I then played with his ass before sucking his dick. I could tell he was enjoying himself but needed more from daddy. I fucked my boy, and he loved every inch of it and showed me by dropping his load after I came on his balls. Such a good boy.
Featuring:  Gregor, Vincent Stone
Release Date: 03/04/2022

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