I keep telling my stepson, Jamie, smoking cigarettes isn’t good at his age. He promised me that he would stop, but I knew he was lying. Today I watched Jamie standing across the street, smoking a cig, before coming into the house. Once inside, he tried lying to me, so I had to teach him a lesson. I put him across my knee and spanked his bare ass. I missed how his butt felt on my palm. I think spanking his butt turned us both on because I felt his dick twitch on my leg. I took my pants off and gave him my cock. I know what my boy likes, and it felt good to give it to him. But he also knows that daddy takes what he wants. I put his sweetmeat in my mouth and swallowed before bending him over and continuing his punishment. I flipped him around and pumped his butt real good before he stroked my cock, spilling my seed all over him. Now he knows daddy sees all.

Featuring:  Jamie
Release Date: 04/15/2022
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