Daddy Loves His Bold Boy

Never lie to daddy. I had a feeling that my stepson, Ronan, was up to something, so I went and checked his room. Maybe I was hoping to find drugs, but all I found was lube at the bottom of his underwear draw. When he came in, I questioned him about it. He told me he didn’t know how it got there, which was clearly a lie. I had to bend him over and discipline him. But how could I spank his perfect ass and not have my dick squirm around in my pants? I pulled his pants down and felt his hole before I undid my pants, pulled my dick out, and made him suck it. He knows how to handle my meat, so I let him. I then got him naked and sucked his cock. It felt amazing in my mouth, but I needed my dick in his ass. And that’s where I put it. We fucked on his bed until Ronan was dripping in both our loads.
Featuring:  Alex Axel, Ronan
Release Date: 03/11/2022