John Barber Duncan Sheen and Gregor Gilead

If you have ever had the question of what do I do when my sexy slutty boytoy comes home, and my buddy and I want his young horny ass, John Barber, Duncan Sheen, and Gregor Gilead have found the perfect solution. One that we think you will enjoy. Gregor came home from Ballet class, and being the horny boytoy he is, he only had one thought when he saw his daddy, John, hanging with his buddy, Duncan, in the living room. Full slut mode. Daddy knew how hot and horny his boytoy gets after class, and that's exactly why he wanted to share his mouth and sweaty hole with Duncan. Gregor knew his role as he became the pass-around bottom for the two older men, a position he's been fully trained for, and he never disappoints. All three shooting their loads is all the proof anyone needs.
Featuring:  Duncan Sheen, Gregor
Release Date: 11/23/2023

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