What would you do if you caught your son masturbating?Richard is a home spending a little alone time in his bedroom. He has the computer on the bed, enjoying some porn, feels his dick as it grows in his undies, and pulls it out. He is having a good stroke on his big boy cock. The sound from the video is turning him on. He takes off his undies, lays back on the bed, and plays with his hole while stroking his dick. That is when his stepdad John unexpectedly drops in on him and shuts his computer down. "Too Small", John tells him, pointing to the computer as he pulls down his pants, showing Richard what he would rather have instead of porn. Richard waste no time getting his stepdad hard as he sucks and licks on his cock. John is enjoying his mouth but wants to give Richard the full experience. He takes his clothes off, lays Richard back, and begins to sucks on his cock. Richard has never felt anything like it. He moans as his stepdad takes his cock all the way down his throat. But that's just the beginning as John puts his boy on his knees, gets behind him, and fills his tight ass with hard daddy dick. The feeling is so intense that it makes Richard clinch the sheets with every thrust. Next, he puts his stepson on his back and then lets him ride his thick dick, which makes Richard come all over with his stepdad still inside of him. John then shoots his load all over his boy's chest. Who needs porn when you have a stepdad.

Featuring:  Richard
Release Date: 10/30/2020
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