Daddy Doesnt Knock

My stepson, Denise, was being so quiet in his room. Much more than usual. I had a feeling he was doing something naughty, so I went and looked at him from the doorway. He was taking photos of himself in the undies he bought. I was getting turned on and started grabbing my cock. That’s when he caught me looking. I walked in and started playing with the Thong he had on. I let him know it looked good on him, knowing they would look better once off. He then took my shorts off, pulled my cock out, and put it in his mouth as I laid back on the bed. It’s been a while since we last played, but it felt just as good as always. He has grown up, and now his cock was as big as mine. I had to give it a taste before fucking his tight twink hole. His ass felt as good as ever, and I was hard as a rock. I pounded his ass until we both shot our loads, with mine going on his face.
Featuring:  Denis N, Martin Dajnar
Release Date: 02/04/2022