Sometimes being caught can be fun. Nick thinks he is home alone and decides to go into his parent's room. He pulls out his stepdad men's fitness magazine and begins to flip the pages. His dick gets thicker as he gropes himself while looking at the men. Coming home unexpectedly, his stepdad, Pavel, bust in the room and catches Nick touching himself. Pavel throws the magazine on the floor, puts Nick over his knees, and begins to spank his ass. Pavel then rubs his stepson's butt as they start to take off their clothes, exposing Pavel's hard cock. Nick takes the dick in his mouth and then takes it in his ass as his stepdad slowly stuff his cock inside of him. Pavel fucks his boy as Nick strokes his cock while laying on their side. Pavel then puts his boy on his knees and then on his back, where they both shoot their loads, with Nick taking Pavel's in his face.

Featuring:  Nick,
Release Date: 02/19/2021
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