Which is easier to get off? Paint or your rocks? Tom came home from a fun time out with his friends, but he got wet paint all over himself. His stepdad, Martin, tells him to head to the bathroom right away and get cleaned up. He follows him and helps him undress. Tom gets in the tub, and Martin begins to soap him down. Luckily the paint comes off easily. Tom stands up, and his hard cock pops out of the water. Martin continues to clean his boy off, including his penis. Once clean, Martin drops to his knees and starts to suck on Tom's cock. After a few minutes, they both head to the couch, where Tom finds his stepdad's dick in his mouth. After Tom gets Martin rock hard with some foot play, Martin slides inside his boy as they lay on their side. Tom then hops on top of his daddy and rides his cock before switching to his back. Martin fucks his boy until Tom strokes out his load. Martin continues fucking until he pulls out and creams his boy's asshole.

Featuring:  Tom
Release Date: 05/21/2021
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