Marco Napoli and Jamie Kelvin

My stepson, Jamie, is such a little horny fuck. And I’m so happy that he is, but that doesn’t mean he can be late for school. I sat in the living room waiting for him to get up. Eventually, I walked into his room and caught him still under the covers. I pulled them back and that’s when I saw his erection filling out his zebra briefs. I knew I had to take care of this problem in order to get Jamie out to school. I pulled his undies off and started sucking his cock. He was rock hard within seconds, but I knew that my mouth alone wasn’t going to be enough for my boy this morning. I let him suck my dick, which turns us both on. Then I tasted his ass. It’s been a few months, so I had to make sure to get his hole loose enough to take my dick. My cock slipped deep inside my boy and I fucked him until we both came on his stomach. Now he’s ready for school.
Featuring:  Jamie, Marco Napoli
Release Date: 07/15/2022

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