Part of being a dad is sharing lessons. What lesson will you teach your son today?Dave and his stepson, Dominik, are heading out to visit Dominik's grandparents for the day. As they prepare to head out, Dave decides he should teach Dominik how to shave, but Dominik has another lesson he wants to learn called how to please daddy. As Dave stands behind Dominik, shaving his boy's face, Dominick moves his hands slowly over his stepdads cock, which grows hard in his hand. Dave takes his pants off so he can get a better feel. Dominik does the same. After stroking each other they decide to take a shower and get cleaned up before heading to the couch to continue the lesson. Dave and Dominik kiss and stroke each other on the couch until Dave takes his boy's hard cock in his mouth. He loves sucking on his boy but this is about pleasing daddy, and Dominik proves that as he takes Dave's dick in his mouth while having his ass played with. Dave then lays on the coffee table and lets his stepson slide down his cock until he is balls deep. He then bends him over the chair and fucks him harder before going back to the couch for more of his boy's hole. The feeling is so strong that Dominik shoots his warm load all over his belly, as his daddy fucks him, which then makes Dave shoot his load all over his boy's balls. Lesson complete.

Featuring:  Dominik
Release Date: 09/11/2020
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