A messy boy deserves a spanking and some cock. Tyler is just finishing up cleaning the lunch dishes but didn't notice how much water is now on the floor. His stepdad, John, comes in and slips on the wet floor. He isn't pleased and shows Tyler by bending him over the counter and giving his butt a spank. Tyler cries for him to stop, which turns John on more. He rubs Tyler's but before pulling his boy's shorts and undies off as Tyler plays with his stepdad's cock through his shorts. John gets fully naked and takes his boy's cock in his mouth. Tyler then gets on his knees and sucks on his stepdad's cock before John throws him up on the counter and fucks his ass. Tyler moans as his stepdad pumps his hole. John then flips his boy, chest down on the counter, and continues to drill Taylor's butt. After a little more fucking, Tyler lays on his back and strokes out his load while John cums all over his boy's shoulder and neck.

Featuring:  Tyler S
Release Date: 06/04/2021
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