John Barber and Oliver Morgenson

How do you discipline your stepson when you catch him humping his stuffed bunny. You show him what he feels like to be the bunny. That’s just what I did to my stepson Oliver when I caught him on the couch with his stuffed friend, Teddy. I knew he needed to feel as violated as Teddy, and I didn’t hold back. I made him suck my cock before getting naked for me. I love making my boy get naked for daddy. Then I sucked on his meat before bending him over and fucking him like his bunny on the couch. It’s been a while since I’ve had to take this kind of measure, but you can’t just let things like that slide. Oliver knew this and rather enjoyed his punishment. I know I did.
Featuring:  John Barber, Oliver
Release Date: 04/22/2022

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