If you train your boy right, they will always take care of you when you need it. That's the kind of relationship I have with my stepson, Rimi. I've been his stepdad for about seven years, but it's only a few since our relationship has grown. It doesn't surprise me that when I get in from a long day, he would be there to give me a massage when I asked. But I knew I'd rather massage his insides with my cock. He started on my shoulders and quickly moved his petite hands to my chest. I took his hand and guided it down to my hard cock. He knew what to do with it then. I took my shorts off and gave him full access to suck my meat. Then he stood up and gave daddy a taste of his own medicine before I ate his sweet as and filled him with my dick. We fucked until I let him jizz on his belly. He swallowed my load down his throat like my good boy.

Featuring:  Rimi
Release Date: 05/20/2022
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